Sam Garrison has dragged us all round America. Thanks Sam. Thanks very much

Awestruck on the edge of the Grand Canyon stands a young man. The year is 1982, he’s just 24 years old, and on his back is his pride and joy. A brand new Lowe Specialist 1 pack. It’s a beauty. The first internal frame model he’s ever owned, and this is its maiden outing. But over the next few decades he’s going to hammer it unmercifully as he hauls it the length and breadth of America. On countless expeditions, and in every every type of weather condition imaginable. From below zero to blazing heat. 

Well that young man was Sam Garrison, and he mailed us his story to help mark the 50th anniversary of CORDURA©. So go ahead Sam, tell us about that very special pack.

“I have carried it, dragged it, waded rivers with it, been in pouring rain for hours with up to a 60 lbs load on high peaks, in rain forests of the Northwest where I live and in the High Desert regions of Oregon and the Desert Southwest. 

This pack was made using 1000d CORDURA® fabric on the bottom which is still intact with no holes or seam failures.  The PU coating on the underside has deteriorated, but still provides some measure of water repellency which is amazing after all of these years. 

I never expected or had any idea that I could still be using this pack with its original fabric 35 years later.  I estimate it has been exposed to the elements on over 2000 miles of trail use by foot or skis.  Amazing, as it shows the original genius of creating Nylon 66 yarn.”

So, did Sam ever settle down? He sure did – and put all that experience to good use when he set up his own business. Skyline Bag Works, offering a full range of services to help individuals design, create and manufacture all types of bags.

He signed off by saying:

“Hoping that you will continue to improve CORDURA® well into the future as a premium fabric of choice for those who live the outdoors.”

Coming from a guy who makes his living out of crafting bags, we take that as quite a compliment. Thank you Sam. Be sure to look after that bag . . . although after everything it’s been through, it can surely look after itself.

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