Who’ll be wearing what in wool? The trend spotter’s guide.

Do you know your Traditionalist from your Adventurer? Or for that matter, would you recognise a dedicated devotee of Urban Impact if you came across one? Who knows – maybe you’re one of these forward-looking trendsetters yourself? One of the very people we’re talking about, who’ll definitely be wearing more wool from now on.

That’s right, wool. But not as you’ve always known it. No, this is the classic material moved on up to a whole new level. CORDURA® Combat Wool™ fabric. An innovation that’s totally on trend – reflecting the demands and aspirations of a new generation.

A generation that’s free to live their lives the way they want to, without anything to hold them back. Wool with all the familiar and much loved values. Yet with something extra that makes a very big difference. A durability that comes from combining high quality merino with advanced nylon 6,6 fiber in a variety of styles and constructions. And, offering performance features such as stretch, breathability, water repellency and thermoregulation. All helping to give this favourite fabric a new, and longer, lease of exciting life.

Now, shall we take a closer look at those trends? See just who it is that’s challenging convention? And perhaps you’ll recognise yourself amongst them.


CORDURA® Combat Wool, as worn by . . .

. . . our kind of people. Those who are ahead of the curve. The ones with an open mind, who always seem to know when the next great idea is just around the corner.

So let’s start with the new Traditionalists. Rediscovering the values of wool and loving the luxury – but wanting that balanced out with a fresh sense of sophistication that makes a more imaginative statement. Professional, urbane, cosmopolitan. Able to slip seamlessly from the office to a more relaxed weekend look.

And the Adventurer? Think ‘action’. Getting out there, taking on challenges and climbing life’s mountains. Trusting the timeless classics that have always been around, but looking for wool that’s more wearable. More advanced. Heritage, sure, but with more than a touch of innovation.

As for Urban Impact, this is more about adapting to the cityscape. Design driven, it integrates endurance with hyperconnected mobility. Creating its own personalised aesthetic. Sleek, technical, utilitarian. A kind of ‘fashion-meets-fitness’ look. Whether commuting, networking or just chilling.

Different trends, different people, different ideals, different aspirations. All met with CORDURA® Combat Wool™ fabric. The authentic look, comfort and feel of traditional wool fabrics – now with a long new lasting durability that’s built in.

Spotting trends with 3600 vision

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary year in the business, we reckon it’s fair to say we’ve developed ways of spotting trends early on, and responding to them quickly. In doing this, we’ve learned to take a 360-degree approach.

To go deeper into the relationship between garment and wearer. To see the whole picture and look beyond the essential requirements of lasting durability, comfort and smartness. To add a durable layer of protection to help the wearer feel more positive, more sure of their abilities. So it is with CORDURA® Combat Wool™ fabric. A new generation of wool blends for a new generation of consumers.

The generation that shares our passion. That kicks convention aside and demands imagination. That believes in seizing every day as a new adventure – and, above all, is totally determined to Live Durable™.


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