When Coach wanted to create a new luxury collection, we gladly climbed on board

Who hasn’t always wanted a bag from Coach? Synonymous with effortless New York style, the brand is famous the world over for the quality and craftsmanship of its luxury lifestyle accessories.  So we were delighted – and more than a little flattered – to collaborate with them on six classy additions to their Metropolitan Collection.

Beautifully designed, these include products that have already proven to be key drivers in Coach’s business, and some of the brand’s most successful items to date. And, they’re unique in combining Coach’s signature silhouettes with the functionality of CORDURA® fabric.

But what motivated Coach to move in a different direction from their more traditional use of leather? Apparently, they felt it was the right time to expand the line and offer a material that possessed qualities of durability and function.  And, in their own words: “CORDURA® fabric was the perfect fit”.

So we’d like to return the compliment by saying this is one of the most stunning collections we’ve ever seen – even by Coach’s impossibly high standards. So, let’s run our hands over them.


The Metropolitan Collection. Designed for living, crafted to last.

We all instinctively know when our favourite everyday pack isn’t quite right. When we need something a little more . . . well, sophisticated is probably the word. You know? Upmarket understated, elegant. And dare we say it, grown up? Maybe you’re wearing a suit, maybe you need to make exactly the right impression without trying too hard.

Just pick any one piece from this collection and you can be certain of doing that. The sleek Metropolitan Brief that shows you mean business. Or the more laid back options of the Academy Backpack, Metropolitan Tote, Explorer Bag and Explorer Bag 52. And let’s not leave out the Metropolitan Camera Bag – which can do duty as a mini holdall for your cards and keys.

Every bag is perfect in every detail, superbly designed, cut and stitched. And, this being Coach, rich in functional features for llimitless adventures. So what did we add? Let Coach explain:

“Built from our foundation of quality and craftsmanship, we’ve introduced our most functional and versatile, light weight products yet, leveraging the expertise and best-in-class technology of CORDURA® fabrics. This allows our styles to be resistant to tears, scuffs, and abrasions with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.”


Durability need never go out of fashion

Want to know one of the really surprising facts about this collection? It’s actually crafted using a durable CORDURA® fabric that’s made with recycled fiber technology. Lightweight and eco-efficient, it shows how recycling has a real and positive role to play -even in fashion at the highest level.

Durability is, and always has been, at the core of everything we do. For over 50 years, the CORDURA® brand heritage has been deeply rooted in travel gear and carrying solutions – but we are equally committed to a sustainable future.  Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director, sums this up:

 “Through this collaboration, we’re able to demonstrate that durability isn’t only for the extreme – it can be embraced in every facet of our lives for long-lasting stylish products that stand the test of time.”

The Metropolitan Collection from Coach, with durability from CORDURA® fabrics. A combination of authenticity and innovation that brings a new way to live fashionable, live responsible . . .  and Live Durable™.

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