Welcome back Wool-Dura™!

Does your memory stretch back to the early 1990s? It was way back then that we collaborated with Woolrich, America’s Original Outdoor Clothing Company® to create a classic. This was the iconic Wool-Dura™ fabric. A specialty blend of Woolrich® wool and nylon 6,6 CORDURA® fabric used in hunting apparel.

Now, the great news. The two of us are back together for the 50th anniversary of the CORDURA® brand. And the outcome? A whole new modern icon. A new version of Wool-Dura™ fabric that takes its inspiration from the past – but takes full advantage of today’s innovative technology.  Spun and woven in Woolrich’s 187-year-old mill, it combines the wool qualities of warmth, comfort and softness with the durability of nylon 6,6. And in the process, creates a new contemporary classic.

As with so many of our stories over the years, the key to success was collaboration. This is summed up perfectly by Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director:

“The opportunity to work with Woolrich again on a new fabric inspired by the classics aligned perfectly with our 50th anniversary focus of ‘heritage meets innovation’. We are extremely humbled to work with such a loyal brand customer who has been a leader in the outdoor marketplace for more than 180 years. We look forward to continuing to work together to design fabric that reflects on our past, while propelling us forward into the future of the industry.”

And, echoing that spirit of collaboration, here are the thoughts of Karuna Scheinfeld, vice president of design at Woolrich.

“We’ve been fans of the CORDURA® brand at Woolrich for years. When we start bringing CORDURA® fiber into the mix, we create a product that has all of the properties of wool but becomes more durable and long-lasting. The latest Wool-Dura™ fabric speaks to the values that both the CORDURA® brand and Woolrich hold, and collaborating has brought about an extremely durable, beautiful product that people can wear for generations to come.”

The Making of Wool-Dura™ is now available on video

The new fabric is featured in the latest of our ‘Meet the Maker’ series of videos. These mini-documentaries spotlight our special collaborative history with our key brand partners and collaborators. Now and in years to come, we look forward to continuing to work together with existing partners and new ones to design the fabrics of the future.

A few words on the long history of Woolrich

Woolrich has been synonymous with quality outdoor clothing for over 180 years. The company began in 1830 when John Rich built his first woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania, USA. What has not changed in all those years is Woolrich's commitment to quality, value, and products that fit the outdoor lifestyle. Learn more at http://www.woolrich.com.

For more information on CORDURA® fabrics visit www.CORDURA.com.

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