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Products:  Men’s Reversible Longsleeve, Boho Pant, Women’s Cobogos Bodysuit, Merino Qipao Dress

Those creative thinkers at ONU say they love to ‘re-envision’ sportswear so that it can be every single thing you want it to be, all in a single day. So you segue seamlessly from work to the gym, to the bar, to whatever. One minute chilling, the next minute involved in the action. Shaking things up. Being adventurous, not being tied down by what you wear. And by the look of this latest ONU collection, we’d say they’ve got that concept nailed.

Men's Reversible Long Sleeve

Men’s reversible long sleeve

Smart sweater, and smart idea making it turn inside out to become a two in one. But the smart move was using CORDURA® Combat Wool™ fabric. Made from a combination of advanced nylon 6,6 fibre with merino wool, it gives the soft comfort and feel of a traditional favourite, with enhanced durability. Meaning you have a go anywhere, do anything piece all in one.

Men’s BoHo Pant

Casual, relaxed, comfortable. Not to mention…so on trend, with mesh ventilation panels and the neat design touch of that fashionable Cobogó motif from Brazilian architecture. Versatile everyday wear, sure. But far from everyday performance, because they’re built using a water-resistant, cotton/nylon blend CORDURA® NYCO fabric. So all that style is backed up by serious durability, strength and utility. Abrasion-resistant, water-resistant . . . and life-resistant.

Women’s Cobogos bodysuit

A versatile classic for any activity or occasion. Dress it up or dress down? This suit is stylish, figure-flattering, and the layering possibilities are endless. Designed with features to help keep you cool, it’s made with a smooth, stretch CORDURA® Naturalle™ fabric that offers the look and feel of cotton but with enhanced performance. Talking technically, that translates as everyday durability.

Women’s Merino Qipao Dress

A very modern take on the traditional Chinese ‘qipao’ figure-hugging dress. Beautiful, elegant and functional.  Designed for comfort and ease of movement, it’s fashioned in CORDURA® Combat Wool™ fabric, a blend of advanced nylon fibre and merino wool that offers optimised durability for today’s lifestyles. This is a wardrobe essential whose appeal will never wear out.

ONU say work in it, play in it, live in it. And we’d just add our own thought to all of that. Whatever you do, Live Durable™. Starting right this moment by getting these pieces online.

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