We helped Carrington get #CORDURAtough . . . and win an award in the process!

We reckon there can be no greater cause for celebration than any new idea that enhances the personal safety of people at work. So congratulations and maximum respect to one of the big successes at the Professional Clothing Awards (PCA) 2017.

UK-based Carrington Workwear Ltd was ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Best Fabric and Fiber Innovation’ category for their new Flametougher 280AS, a multi-norm flame retardant fabric engineered with CORDURA® NYCO fabric technology to enhance durability.

Carrington is an international specialist in military, workwear and industrial protective fabrics, exporting to markets in more than 75 countries worldwide. And as collaboration partners we feel especially privileged to have been involved in the development of this award-winning innovation.

With Flametougher 280AS, the name says it all

Flametougher 280AS is engineered with CORDURA® NYCO fabric technology, so you can see where the ‘tougher’ comes in. To spell out some of the details, this innovative fabric is made with CORDURA® NYCO fabric technology for enhanced tensile, tear, and abrasion resistance, and offers a multi-norm flame retardant treated solution that meets electric arc performance of 13.5 cal/cm2 (EN 61482-1-1).

All of which is very reassuring to hear if you happen to spend a good part of your working life in situations where risk is your constant companion. And where the definition ‘durable’ takes on a whole new meaning.

That’s what Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director, had in mind when she said:

As we look forward to our next fifty years of fabric innovation, we will continue to expand our fabric portfolio, offering solutions where durability is valued. We are pleased to be collaborating with the talented technical team at Carrington to deliver long-lasting, comfortable, performance-driven textiles that can meet the standards required for protective clothing, such as Flametougher 280AS with its multiple protective capabilities.”

CORDURA® X Carrington, a formula for peace of mind

Naturally, Carrington were more than delighted that their work in the field of ‘health & safety’ was recognised by the Professional Clothing Industry. But getting straight to the point Jonathan McKendry, project leader for Flametougher, homed right in on what the company’s priorities are:

“Carrington’s flame retardant protective fabrics help provide peace of mind for those at risk working in industries where they are exposed to extreme heat environments. Using CORDURA® NYCO fabric technology, we are now able to offer a flame retardant, durable fabric solution.  We look for innovative technologies that help us to offer enhanced wearer protection against known hazards such as metal splash, chemical splash, fire, heat and sparks, as well as tough fabrics that can withstand the everyday rigors of the industries that we serve.” 

The new fabric is a perfect example of this business philosophy and what drives Carrington forward.  It’s been industrial wash tested by Carrington’s accredited facility and is proven to continue to offer flame, static electricity and electric arc protection without significant loss of performance, wearer comfort or appearance after 50 wash and wear cycles. Making Carrington Flametougher 280AS a long-lasting solution for protective garments worn in foundries, petrochemicals and the oil and gas industry.

It’s currently available in twill construction with anti-static grid – and further developments are well in progress to expand the Carrington Flametougher range using built to last CORDURA® NYCO fabric technology. Future options under consideration include both lighter and heavier weight versions to meet market requirements, and alternative constructions such as ripstops.

Carrington has been pushing boundaries in protective textiles for 25 years, and Flametougher 280AS is the first of many innovations to come with the CORDURA® brand.

See for yourself what impressed the PCA judges

Judge this winning combination of safety and durability for yourself. Find out the facts behind CORDURA® NYCO fabric technology and take a  closer look at Carrington, and their highly innovative thinking on protective textiles.

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