TUSX hunted durability across the wild Australian outback.

Guess where they found it?

‘Hit the dirt .  . . and start crawling!’ That’s good advice, should you ever happen to find yourself hunting in the wide-open spaces of the Aussie Outback. Because it’s the only way you’re going to get up good and close to the wildlife. And that can be bad news for your clothing – especially in the Basalt Wall region of North Queensland, one of the favourite hunting grounds of Tony Stoyanovski.

Tony is the founder of TUSX, an outfit dedicated to creating the best camouflage hunting clothing you’ll ever wear. And from painful experience, he knows exactly what it’s like to crawl over volcanic rock. So he had a personal interest in solving the problem and came up with an answer that will benefit anyone going out in the wild. Even if you’re only going armed with a camera.

Two new pants, two neat ways to save your knees 

Seeing as it was TUSX that came up with these ingenious solutions, we’ll let Tony describe them in detail for you.

“We prototyped numerous designs of knee reinforcement that would also accommodate knee pads. From loading above the knee, loading below the knee, even loading inside the pant…nothing was giving us the secure result and ease of loading we wanted. And, these often left the knee pad open to the entry of debris. But we didn't want a dedicated sewn-in knee pad, as some people might not always need this feature.

“Finally we came up with a new system that allows for zippered side entry. The beauty of this system is that it also works as a vent. Both of these new pants feature lengthy hip vents - and when combined with the knee vent this essentially opens up most of the side of the leg. So, you have two options. Use the knee reinforcement area as a vent,or slip in the dedicated knee pads.

“By using CORDURA® fabric for reinforcement, we believe this to be the best and most versatile solution - as the knee area will offer abrasion resistance, temperature regulation, and protection when crawling.”

Pants that are seated in durability

Hunting in hostile terrain over many years has also taught TUSX another important fact of life. You spend a lot of time sliding down scree or rocky slopes on your backside. 

So, these two latest pants both come with CORDURA® fabric reinforcement on the seat, as well as the knees and cuffs. There’s one version for warm weather, and one for cool. And in the cool weather version, along with being durable, that fabric is waterproof and breathable.

The hunt for durability ends right here

To use their own words, TUSX says “we have shivered on mountains, and we have sweltered in deserts.” And it seems they agree with what we’ve always said. That being made with CORDURA® fabrics means built to last.

So wherever your adventure might take you, even when getting close to nature means getting down on your hands and knees, you can be sure that you’ll Live Durable™.

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