Through our work with Suedwolle Group,
eternal versatility
gains more enduring appeal

After 50 years in the business of durability, you can bet we know a thing or two about long lasting fabrics. And wool, in its many forms, has to be one of the most eternally popular of all textiles. Not least for its exceptional blend of warmth and comfort. Yet it’s not always seen as a practical fiber choice, which has sometimes restricted its use.

But now, our collaboration with global wool yarn producer Suedwolle Group has completely changed that – with a concept that opens up exciting new possibilities within the wool market - ‘endurance wools’.

New performance wools, expressing traditional levels of comfort in some seriously durable ways. Wool fabrics developed to appeal to today’s active lifestyle customers. The people who are looking for crossover style and seamless versatility in what they wear.

So how have we achieved that? Well, together with the Suedwolle Group we’ve created a power packed portfolio of endurance nylon 6,6/wool blend yarns. And when we say ‘wool’, we’re talking ‘Merino’ – known for its resilience, softness and lightweight comfort. There’s even a developmental blend combining wool, yak hair and nylon 6,6 fiber options. (That’s right, hair from yaks. When you live at altitudes up to 20,000 feet, we figure you know all about keeping warm and being durable.)

This exciting array of CORDURA® brand qualifying wool yarns are available in a range of counts and styles – all designed for enhanced abrasion resistance, tear and tensile strength performance in finished fabric constructions.


Natural comfort meets legendary durability

The Suedwolle Group ‘CORDURA® X Merino’ yarns have been developed for the creation of a variety of woven and knitted CORDURA® Combat Wool™ fabrics. And the great thing about them is that they offer the natural comfort and thermoregulation benefits of wool – but in combination with the durability of our highly-engineered nylon 6,6 staple fiber technologies. These fabrics bring an attractive look and feel and a whole new dimension to traditional everyday essential apparel applications. Including men’s suits, school uniforms, outdoor active sports gear and professional corporate wear. In fact, anywhere there’s a need for clothing to be strong, soft, comfortable and long-lasting.


Fifty years of growing strength

Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director, welcomes the success of this latest collaborative venture with these words:

“As we nod to our durable 50-year legacy, we continue to work to create new fabric technologies that combine heritage and a passion for innovation. Working with Suedwolle Group to reinvent a classic has offered us a new platform for growth, helping expand our portfolio to match the increasing consumer demand for the next generation of cross-functional wool fabrics.”

Michel Mastio, in charge of Suedwolle Group’s circular knitting yarn segment for performance and outdoor clothing, is equally enthusiastic:

“Our strong relationships with suppliers, customers and employees are a reflection of our dedication to the textile industry, and this goes hand-in-hand with the CORDURA® brand ethos. Together, we can create innovative developments that deliver long-lasting, cutting-edge fabrics for today’s customers.”


The Suedwolle Group, a global force

Suedwolle Group is a leading global producer of worsted yarn for weaving, circular and flat knitting in pure wool and wool blends.

The company’s product range is focused on different segments of the world’s textile market and include Suedwolle (weaving), Biella Yarn (flat knitting), Yarn in Motion (circular knitting), Richter (hosiery), Stoehr (technical) and Soey (air jet).

Located in the Nuremberg metropolitan area of Germany, Suedwolle Group employs more than 3000 people worldwide - with production facilities in Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and China.

In the past two years, the company has expanded its business and range of products. This now extends to supply chains in Europe and Asia and includes fiber treatment, spinning and dyeing. The philosophy that drives the organization is sustainable excellence in planning, investment, environmental performance and global employee management systems.


Like to see what we’ve done with wool?

As we said, this is a concept that creates a new dimension in the wool sector. So find out more about the Suedwolle Group CORDURA® X Merino yarn portfolio at, or

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