The YDS Extreme GTX. A boot that breathes professional performance.

Not everyone gets to come home and kick off their shoes after work. Think about it. If you’re in the military, you might not only find yourself wearing your boots through a day-long battle, but also sleeping in them that night. The same can go for mountaineers or trekkers – or for that matter, anyone else out on manoeuvres well off the beaten track.

So the question is, if you and your footwear and going to be pretty much inseparable over a long slog, how exactly do you keep your feet fresh? Step forward leading Turkish brand YDS with the answer, in the great shape of the YDS Extreme GTX boot.

Is it tough? You bet. The sides and tongue of this all terrain footwear design from YDS, feature durable CORDURA® AFT (Air Flow Technology) fabric. A warp knit fabric made using high tenacity nylon 6,6 fiber, that offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio along with enhanced tear and abrasion resistance. Which is good to know when you’re in hostile territory, right?

But there’s more than that to CORDURA® AFT fabric. Ruggedly tough, it’s designed to let the air flow through, which can be a big relief when you’re literally on your feet all day. Durability and breathability, two key performance parameters for footwear crafted to fight its way through extreme conditions.

This ultra professional high performance boot follows in the footsteps of a long parade of YDS products that have marched around the world. In fact, the company lays claim to being the largest manufacturer of police and military footwear in Europe and they export to over 35 countries.

So we’d say that YDS, just like the Extreme GTX, lives and breathes professionalism. Here’s what they say about themselves on their website: “YDS Boots are vehicles of an adventurous spirit for those with courage and determination to overcome the most extreme physical conditions. Choose a partner that won’t let you down and is by your side through it all, when you conquer your fears and succeed.”

Our sentiments, exactly.

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