The Signatur Solar from SKAGEN. A watch that turns back time.

Can that really be true? Well, this is certainly a scientifically advanced time machine. Minimalist in its design and a mere 10mm thin, it’s full of impressive engineering, starting with a transparent dial that allows light to pass through and charge the solar cell within the watch.

And here’s the really incredible part. SKAGEN says this gives the wearer a watch that operates steadily with exposure to light—with a full charge lasting up to six months. The battery itself will last up to ten years, which is around five times the average of conventional quartz watches. 

That dramatic reduction on the growing global waste stream of electrical components is just one example of the forward-thinking nature of the Signatur Solar. Yet this watch not only thinks about the future. One of its features actually brings the past back to life: the strap.

An eco-friendly CORDURA® fabric, for timeless style

True to its Scandinavian roots, SKAGEN is passionate about design and prides itself on a modern and minimalist style. They’re also into the whole concept of balancing aesthetics with eco-efficiency. So let them explain how they fashioned this into their latest idea:

“We approached our new Signatur Solar with sustainability in mind,” says Frederik Thrane, creative director for SKAGEN. “For the strap, we looked to the CORDURA® brand for their expertise - and their eco fabric line with its recycled content provided the perfect blend of good looks and long-lasting performance.” 

“Turning discarded into durable.”

That’s the message with our CORDURA® eco fabrics. They’re made with recycled polyester yarns that are specifically engineered to meet the fabric specifications of the CORDURA® brand - offering consistency and performance. And, apart from the welcome benefits of extending the useful life of the polyester, the recycling process used to make the yarn helps to reduce energy consumption. So it’s a ‘win win solution’.

Watch out for new ways to use it

SKAGEN’s breathtakingly beautiful watch is a brilliant example of the innovative ways you can use CORDURA® fabrics and deliver a product with eco-credentials. But take a look around and you’ll see it used for many other long-lasting performance products. Demonstrating that this is an idea whose time has come.

Live sustainable, Live Durable™.

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