Sea to Summit’s lightweight bag neatly tucks away a gold award

So tiny, it squishes down to the size of an egg. That’s how the people at Sea to Summit describe their Ultra-Sil® Day Pack.

Well, maybe so. But this miniature marvel has proved itself more than capable of carrying off a heavyweight prize – in the shape of Backpacker magazine’s premium accolade. Walking off with the Editors' Choice Gold Award 2017, it also packed away a lot of compliments from the mag. Like . . .

“When you want an extra pack but don’t want to carry an extra pack, take this featherlight bag. An ultra light pack like this brings versatility to a new level. It can serve as your food bag, stuffsack, pillow, daypack, laundry bag, and carry-on all in one.”

We couldn’t agree more. Weighing around 72 grams but expanding to an amazing 20 liter capacity, the Ultra-Sil® Day Pack shoulders a 10lb load easily and comfortably.

And that’s not the only reason it’s become such an enduring favourite. It can also go wherever the most adventurous backpacker wants to go. Scrambling and slip-sliding over rocks and crags? No problem. Pushing through near impenetrable brush? Bring it on. Braving the worst the weather can come up with? A breeze!

(Oh, and let’s not forget all those tough urban situations too. Like struggling to get the shopping home – or a toting project work across campus. The Ultra-Sil® Day Pack is nothing if not versatile.)

CORDURA® fabric technology plays no small part

So where do we come into the story? Well, right at the very beginning. Made with CORDURA® Ultralite fabric technology, the ultra-sil® fabric in this pack is a super lightweight, strong coated nylon fabric. To get a little more technical, it’s woven with high tenacity 30 denier nylon 6,6 fiber which helps give it strength and enhanced resistance to abrasion.

And, with the silicone coating, it’s waterproof. In other words, it’s pretty much everything you could ask for in lightweight durability. Just ask the people at Sea to Summit. They know about these things.

Sea to Summit climbed Everest to develop better gear

The company was born in Australia back in 1984, when one of the founders planned to climb the world’s highest peak – in gear the other founder helped design for him.  The climb was a success, and so was that original partnership behind a brand that has long since gone global.

Their headquarters are in the most isolated capital in the world. Perth, in Western Australia, a state more than three times the size of Texas. So we guess they still like that feeling of escaping the crowds.

And it has to be said, Australia’s a great place for testing out ideas. Endless miles of untamed coastline, and a hinterland of rugged ranges, wild rivers and remote deserts to be explored. These are the kind of places where the Ultra-Sil® Day Pack grew up.

Where to bag more information on the Ultra-Sil® Day Pack

So, we’d like to offer our congratulations to Sea to Summit on winning such a well-respected award, and say how honoured we are that CORDURA® fabric is integral to this fantastic product.

Read the Backpacker magazine article and see for yourself just what impressed them so much.  And if you’re planning a backpacking trip of your own, just remember….the Ultra-Sil® Day Pack is worth its weight in gold.

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