Performance cotton. A very dry story, but with very exciting content.

The fascinating story of cotton – ‘the fabric of our lives’ – is a long and continuing one. And a brand new chapter is being written right now. Because it seems that our 50th anniversary year is also a very big year for this best-loved of all natural fibers. The cause of the excitement?  Another big step forward in our collaboration with Cotton Incorporated, the research and promotion company for U.S. cotton producers and importers.

The breaking news is the development of a range of woven and knit CORDURA® + cotton blended ‘Performance Natural’ fabrics featuring specialty moisture managing TransDRY™ and water repellent STORM COTTON™ technologies. Combined, of course, with the tried and true durability of CORDURA® fiber.

Two new ways to forget the wet

Let’s take a closer look at the first two fabrics out of the blocks in this race towards a brighter and drier future. A forecast that will be welcomed by everyone who works or plays in the wild outdoors. Or for that matter, works out in the gym – because it’s not only the rain that can soak to the skin.

TransDRY™ technology is a patented, high-performance moisture management application, allowing cotton based fabrics to wick and spread perspiration as well as or better than high-tech synthetics without losing the natural comfort and softness of cotton.  It’s a special water repellent treatment that’s applied to the cotton yarns, reducing the amount of water they can absorb. As a result, TransDRY™ fabrics are engineered to dry up to twice as fast as untreated cotton to help keep fabrics from becoming oversaturated during physical activity. Whether walking to the office on a scorching day, or setting a blistering pace on the treadmill.

STORM COTTON™ technology is equally clever. It’s a water-repellent fabric treatment technology that’s highly effective at keeping the weather out – yet at the same time, still allows moisture vapor to pass through fabric and away from the skin helping keep you more cool and comfortable. (After all, it’s no good simply shutting out the rain if you’re getting damp from the inside out.) Since STORM COTTON™ technology helps minimise the amount of water absorbed by cotton fabrics, garments can be engineered to dry faster than those made from untreated cotton, which in turns helps to minimize the amount of time and energy required for laundering.

Our ideas definitely won’t dry up

This is just the beginning of a new generation of fabrics that opens many new opportunities says Cindy McNaull, CORDURA® brand marketing and global director:

“Continuing with the theme of innovation through collaboration in our 50th anniversary year, we are thrilled to debut an exciting next chapter in our ‘performance naturals’ collaboration with the talented team at Cotton Incorporated. When you combine CORDURA® brand durability and the hardworking strength of our innovation partners with the hidden science of Cotton Incorporated’s TransDRY™ and STORM COTTON™ technologies, ‘the fabric of our lives’ seamlessly takes on a whole dimension of versatile, long lasting comfort for today’s outdoor adventurists, active enthusiasts, or everyday professionals.”

The CORDURA® fabrics featuring TransDRY™ and STORM COTTON™ technologies have been developed by Cotton Incorporated and our CORDURA® brand authorized mills – Artistic Milliners and Chia Her. Initial concepts are designed for use in a whole range of applications particularly activewear, outdoor gear, lifestyle, and workwear.

Will the world’s love affair with cotton never wear out?

Guess not – and with the inclusion of CORDURA® brand durability, garments made from it are also going to be around for a long, long time.

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