Our latest soldier system textiles give a show of military strength

At home and around the globe we’ve been supplying fabrics for the military for almost as long as we’ve been in business, which is fifty years now. That adds up to almost half a century of dedicated service to gearing up the world’s peacekeeping and fighting forces.

Over that time, we’ve focused on evolving new fabrics and technologies to help create performance textiles for the battlefield conditions of today and tomorrow. And, in 2017 the innovation continues.

Our latest concepts in Soldier Solutions for military and tactical uniform programs were lined up for inspection at LAAD 2017. But in case you missed this event, let’s just give you some brief intelligence on their major strengths and performance capabilities right here.

INVISTA T420HT Fiber, our strongest ever

2017 is going to be a year of innovations, and the first out on parade is the new INVISTA T420HT technology. The strongest nylon 6,6 staple fiber ever produced by INVISTA, this patent-pending fiber is engineered specifically to enhance the core strength of CORDURA® fabrics and help enable lighter-weight constructions.

Earlier this year, Digital Trends recognized the INVISTA T420HT fiber innovation as “Best Of Show” at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in North America in January.

CORDURA® NYCO Extreme and Tactical Uniform Fabrics

The focus here is on lightweight comfort combined with built-in durability to help uniforms survive the most grueling conditions and demanding terrain.  The fabrics feature our latest INVISTA T420HT high tenacity fiber combined with cotton for natural comfort properties. Some styles are already adopted by international militaries with others undergoing extensive wear trials for next generation combat uniforms.

CORDURA® Brand Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) Technologies

As we said earlier, the CORDURA® brand has been integrated in military textile innovation for nearly 50 years. Along with depth of experience, that’s given us a great history of coming up with versatile performance solutions such as CORDURA® brand SDN yarn technology which features in both fabrics and webbings used extensively in combat gear.

Fabrics made with this technology are suitable for use in load carriage packs and bags, boots, body armor covers, knee/elbow pads and other similar military and tactical gear.  Currently available in a palette of six US military colors SDN yarn technology enables fabrics with built in lot-to-lot color uniformity, resistance to sunlight UV fade loss and NIR/SWIR reflectance capabilities for enhanced night vision goggle detection avoidance.

Through a special Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)* study commissioned by CORDURA® brand, 1000d CORDURA® SDN fabrics have been proven to have sustainability benefits related to water, energy, and CO2 emissions savings versus equivalent weight conventional piece dyed nylon 6,6 fabric alternatives.

CORDURA® salutes the services

We’ll leave the last words on the latest line of Military/Tactical fabrics to Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director.

“As we continue our 50th anniversary celebration, we nod to military fabrics as a key element of our brand’s heritage. By combining this durable legacy with today’s latest innovations, we can continue pushing the limits of technical fabrics used in military/tactical gear. Servicemen dedicate their lives to protecting us, so we are constantly striving to develop fit for purpose fabrics to help protect them with the right gear for their mission.”

*LCA data based on the average of independent/3rd party dyeing and finishing mills located in China, Taiwan and Korea and collected 1Q13. 

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