‘Live Durable™’. Our new way of seeing the complete circle of life in a full 360°

Live large, live on the edge, live more . . . but most of all, Live Durable. That’s our message to the world as we make a pivotal change in the way we present the CORDURA® brand. A change that will be integral to everything we do from now on. Bringing a fresh new approach that will see us looking at every aspect of people’s lives and at every level. Seeing their whole world in a full 3600 sweep – and where it’s touched by our core values of durability. 

Behind this is our belief that durability means more than physical strength. It’s an all-encompassing experience that involves people you’ll find just about anywhere in the world. On construction sites and factory floors, on motorcycle rides and battlefields, in the gym, on the commute to work, and in the great outdoors.

We recognize those people and know them very well. For the last half century we’ve been making the fabrics that have let them live those lives. The CORDURA® brand fabrics they’ve trusted for protection, that they know will withstand the rough and tumble. Letting durable people push themselves further than they thought possible, confident that their apparel and their gear was more than up to the challenge.

Now, we’re translating that heritage for the next generation and expressing it in ways they will immediately relate to. Saying to them don’t just live. Live Durable.


A new surge of energy to drive the CORDURA® brand forward

Live Durable will expand the core message of the CORDURA® brand. New values will emerge – along with new fibers and new fabrics. New ways to inspire people to push themselves beyond traditional boundaries . . . totally confident in the protection the brand has and will continue to give them.

To reflect all of this with maximum impact, we’ll have a totally new look across all our communications. New global logo, new tagline, new dedicated website, new point of sale and advertising, and new ew themed events. All designed to reflect what’s happening here at CORDURA® brand as we drive forward in our continuing commitment to developing new expressions of durability.


An invisible, but very real, layer of confidence

Here’s how Cindy McNaull, CORDURA® global brand and marketing director, sums up this strategy:

“Our fully integrated Live Durable campaign will feature universal storytelling highlighting real people in durable experiences and how gear and apparel made with CORDURA® fabric can help enhance life’s journeys. It’s about giving consumers the physical and emotional invisible layer of confidence to help overcome whatever mountains – both literally and figuratively­ – are in front of them.” 

But it’s not only about consumers, because the concept extends to the whole supply chain. From the designer, to the mill to the product manufacturer, to the consumer and back to the mill. And, throughout the design process, from finding inspiration to creative development to consumer insights and reinvention.


Live Durable will live on and on

Live Durable is the culmination of extensive primary and secondary research – and our own first hand experience of pushing durable fabrics to the edge. So we’re in this for the long term. 

It’s an idea designed to last, and will go on developing greater momentum and greater scope in the years to come.. So you’ll be seeing it in everything we do across all our communications. Along the way, we’ll unveil new fabric technologies, expand partnerships, enhance customer support, and spotlight individuals from every walk of life using CORDURA® fabrics to help them live their lives to the fullest.


Now, Live Durable yourself . . . and see CORDURA® bring durability to life

Would you like just a taste of how we’re launching our new strategy? Well, we’ve turned the durable life into a series of innovative immersive experiences. 360 degree virtual scenarios that put you right there at the centre of the action.

From the rugged drama of a rock quarry, to the exhilaration of exploring open roads, backwoods trails, and nature at its wildest and most challenging.

The kind of places where you’ll find our kind of people. Durable people, who will now find themselves at the heart of this radical new CORDURA® brand strategy.

Are you ready? OK . . . let’s go Live Durable 

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