Cordura + Fox – Four season protection and functionality for the trail and beyond

A new range of trail gear from Fox MTB

Water. Fire. Wind. These elements fuel epic all day adventures on the trails. Fox riders don’t look to overcome, defeat or defy them. They welcome them and the advantages they bring. Advantages like hero dirt, cooler temps and endless runs which remind us that the beauty of riding doesn’t end just because summer does.

This is gear that takes on the rough and tumble of mountains across the globe, and places you wouldn’t believe your bike could take you. Places where if you’re not well protected, you come off a poor second best to the harsher side of nature. So even just wearing this kit feels like an adventure. No wonder, then, that it’s achieved almost cult status as a lifestyle fashion. So hot, so unbelievably cool. And none more so than this latest collection.

Attack Fire Pant. Take it easy, rider

Can you be comfortable in the saddle when you’re rumbling over terrain that wrestles back? Through rain made of nails? Sure you can, say Fox. With a game- changing riding pant that seamlessly combines comfort, pedal efficiency and incredible warmth and weather resistance. And where it counts most, strategically placed CORDURA® fabric panels on the seat and lower leg add much needed durability in high friction areas.

FLEXAIR Flannel Shirt. Like a second skin. Only tougher.

Some people live and breathe biking. This shirt does the same. FLEXAIR technology allows the garment to function in harmony with the human body. The fabric breathes, moves naturally, stays cool and dry. But how does a lightweight shirt hack it in the heat of a race, or scraping through the rough? No sweat. Reinforced with soft, durable CORDURA® Naturalle™ fabric for an enhanced resilience on the forearm, back, and shoulders. Plus added breathability in the design through laser perforated venting. And when you get off the bike? On your back is a casual flannel shirt that will comfortably take you just about anywhere. Stylishly, too.

Legion Gloves. Protection and style, hand in hand

Sports don’t come much more hands-on than biking. Hands are literally at the leading edge. Keeping everything under control. Letting the rider ‘feel’ the ground under the wheels. And the first to feel whatever the ground – or weather – throws up. The folks at Fox know all about that. (From firsthand experience, you could say.) They flexed their imagination and came up with this latest innovative version of the Fox Racing Legion Glove. It’s constructed in 4-way stretch fleece bonded CORDURA® fabric. So fingers get added freedom of movement – but stay warm and safe, courtesy of the well proven durability of CORDURA® fabric.

Attack Pro Fire Jacket. Every rider’s foul weather friend

Biking fact of life: the outdoors can be wet, freezing and downright cruel. And sometimes, that’s on a good day. Another thing. When the weather turns bad, you can almost bet your luck will too. Your chain breaks. Your tire bursts. You come off the bike. But you don’t care, because you love riding. And anyway, you’re wearing your amazing new jacket from Fox. And man, are you glad. Because you’re clad in protection that includes strategically placed CORDURA® fabric in the elbows for max durability, and lightweight ripstop stretch CORDURA® fabric reinforcements throughout the body. You’re warm, dry and in one piece. Get back on that bike, you’ve never felt so alive.

Attack Wind Jacket. Sure to go down a storm

Nobody ever said riding’s a breeze. Even on a summer day, an exposed mountainside can have you chilled to the bone when the wind whips up. A sudden squall can also have you drenched to the skin. Which is kind of off- putting when you’ve still got miles to go. On the other hand you don’t want the weight of a heavy coat on your back. Fox know that dilemma, and found a neat route round it. This new ultra-lightweight jacket featuring 50d CORDURA® Ultralite fabric technology. Easy to pack, easy to wear, and boy is it durable. Did we mention the stylish design? It’ll blow you away.

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