Clinging to a rock face, it doesn’t fall apart

A review of the Fifth Force Hoody, new from Outdoor Research

See that handhold, just about an arm’s length away? Can you reach it? Well, can you . . . or is it just a fraction of an inch too far? It’s a question climbers always have to ask themselves. It’s a tough call, and you need to keep it all together. Because an exposed overhang is definitely no place to go to pieces. And it sure as heck is no place for your clothes to feel the strain and fall apart.

No need to tell that to the people at Outdoor Research. This is a whole company built on the idea that life is an adventure, and the best gear makes it more fun. And as climbers themselves, they’re devoted to exploring outdoor passions and challenging themselves in the mountains. So you can see where they’re coming from with the Fifth Force Hoody.

Why will climbers love it? Because it’s as happy hugging a granite rock face as they are.

And if a move means getting the rough edge of a granite outcrop, so what?  Mountaineers are pretty hardy people. They expect their gear to be just as tough –and this new hoody won’t disappoint them.

And here’s the other big plus. It’s stretchy. At every twist and turn, it’s as agile as any climber. When you make a move, this hoody moves with you – all the way.

So it ticks all the boxes. Tough, stretchy, comfortable, breathable and lightweight. But here’s the clincher. It’s made with CORUDRA® fabric for added durability. Durability that matches the mountains. That keeps going up the hardest route, over the sharpest ridges, and right through the worst weather that high altitudes can throw at climbers who believe in pushing things to the limit.

What more could you ask for? Well, apart from its performance at the peak, the Outdoor Research designers have even made it look a class act at the bottom of the climb. The place where all the aficionados hang out to swap stories, compare notes . . . and check out what everyone’s wearing.

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