After forty years great sleep, we think you’ll wake up feeling refreshed

Never mind catching forty winks! It’s now forty years since GO–KOTTM comfortable camp beds started helping people sleep easy on a hard trek. And when the company set up back in 1978, you can bet they were wide awake to what was needed in a first-rate cot. After all, they were experienced US Veterans who knew all about being bone-weary after slogging long miles over tough terrain.

So, given our own military heritage, it seems only natural that they depend on our fabrics to back up their well-earned reputation for tireless dedication to a good night’s rest wherever your great day’s adventure takes you.

GO–KOT™, where portability joins forces with durability

When you’re planning to hit the trail, you have to literally weigh up the pros and cons of a camp bed. Which, first of all, means it has to be light and easily carried. The latest models of GO-KOT™ have made sure of that with a construction featuring an aluminium frame on galvanised steel legs.

This is covered with 1000 Denier Nylon CORDURA® fabric, delivering an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, along with equally excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing. So when the cot has to rough it with you in the dense backwoods or out on exposed rocky crags, it can comfortably handle the local conditions.

Oh, and when you eventually decide to call it a day and decide to pitch camp, the GO-KOT™ will take you all of sixty seconds to set up. And from what we’ve heard, probably not much longer to fall fast asleep.

You’re off the ground, out of the damp, and out like a light.

Keep your GO-KOT™ handy at home, too

Yes, it’s great to have some home comforts when you’re a long way from your front door. But here’s another bonus with GO-KOT™. Once you’re back under your own roof, stash it away somewhere handy and you have an instant bed for when a guest is passing through.

Come to that, it’s just as handy if it’s you that’s dropping in on someone for an overnight stay. And did we say it comes in ‘long’ as well as regular length. Stretch out – it’s a camp bed, not a cramped bed.

Is there anywhere you can’t go with GO-KOT™?

We guess not. Go backpacking, go motor camping, go motorcycle camping. But why stop there? The GO-KOT™ is also the perfect travelling companion on kayaking, canoeing, bicycling, hunting or scouting expeditions.

No wonder, then, that the company claims to be the cot of choice for outdoor guides and professionals - including military, first responders and adventure enthusiasts. The sort of people who don’t take nature’s most extreme conditions and rough terrain lying down. Unless, of course, it’s in a GO-KOT™.

A case of live comfortable, but always Live Durable™.

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